Tucson Singletarians

A Social Club for 50+ Singles In Tucson

A Social Club for 50+ Singles In Tucson

A Social Club for 50+ Singles In Tucson A Social Club for 50+ Singles In Tucson A Social Club for 50+ Singles In Tucson


Who Can Join?  

Membership in Tucson Singletarians will be limited to those adult persons whose ages are fifty (50) or older and marital status is currently single (i.e. never married, widowed, divorced or separated) and who are in agreement with its purpose and philosophy, complete an annual application, agree to work on at least one activity during their membership year, and remit annual dues.

PLEASE NOTE: Dues are now $30.00 per year.


click Download button below and print the pdf document.    

On the form, please tell us how you heard about us.


A Special Word to Newcomers

We hope to see you soon at some of our events.  We're not always sure how you've heard about us --but we're glad you have.  We are aware that it's difficult to show up at a party when you're not sure you'll know a soul there. You are not the only person who has planned to take such a risk, made a mark on your calendar, and then at the last minute stayed away because it was "easier"."  When you do make it through the door we will do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable.  

 That first event may not "jell" for you.  Sometimes it might seem as if everyone else is old friends and there's not a ready-made slot for you. The truth is, many of our older club members have formed strong friendships with others.  We are able to laugh and cry together, play, share and be silent.  But these friendships did not form overnight... and we hope you will soon share in these close friendships also.

We hope you'll always feel welcome at our social events.   We encourage you to attend several functions before deciding to join our club.  One outing may not be enough to determine if you feel this is the club for you. 


Some events are not as well attended as others, and often it is at those events that you can get to know other members better.   Working with others on a club project can be a great ice-breaker.  We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our group of friendly folks! 

Singletarian-ApplicationForm-2020 (pdf)